LipoMon-V2 Lipo Supervisor and Scale-Flasher with Power-LED

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The LipoMon-V2 serves as scale lighting for your model and at the same time as a battery monitor during operation of your model. For this purpose, the voltage of each individual lithium polymer cell of the battery pack is measured by an intelligent electronic (microcontroller) and the state of the “weakest” cell is indicated by a very bright LED, which can be noticed from far distance at daylight during the flight. The measurement of the battery cell voltages is very accurate, since every LipoMon-V2 is electronically calibrated before delivery.

The single cell monitoring has the great advantage that a capacity lost of a single cell (compared to the other cells ) can be detected and indicated, because the voltage of this cell drops more quickly. The cell or the lipo battery therefore does not have to be defective. However, no more current should be drawn than is available in the weakest battery cell in order to prevent a further reduction in capacity. Therefore, only single-cell monitoring can help to extend the life of your batteries.

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